The Lost Lake-Vladimirovo Property Owner’s Association welcomes you to our website!


“Lost Lake” was the original name of this property before it was purchased by Russian immigrants. The word “Vladimirovo” is derived from the name of a Slavic saint who baptized Russ’–St. Vladimir and was the name given to this settlement by its founder–Archbishop Seraphim, a visionary leader.

This small community in the rural landscape of Northern Illinois was founded in 1961. Archbishop Seraphim and the original lot owners named the streets after famous Russians: Alexander Pushkin–the great poet, Igor Sikorsky–the Russian-American inventor and engineer who designed the first helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft, St. Seraphim of Sarov–a saint revered by the entire Orthodox world, Piotr Tchaikovsky–one of Russia’s greatest composers, and Ivan Turchin–a Russian-American general who fought in the Civil War.

Russians still inhabit this little corner of Midwestern America, but the present owners come from many different backgrounds, including Belarussian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian other ethnic branches, and, of course–American.

We take pride in our roots, in our diversity, and in being Americans!